Friday, January 30, 2009

Life & Its Times!

Life is a festival of heart, mind and soul. This is the only one festival in which the soul celebrates nothingness i.e. the Brahma once born in the form of soul. He passes through the mortal world and reaches the destination of abstraction i.e. it dilutes in the universal space.

One can hardly escape the phenomena of the world once born in the mortal world. Human beings meet the same fate as others. They come, learn to live, perform and perish; and attain Gyan followed by death. Since human beings must live, they seek the means to survive, and the means to celebrate life. Those who do not learn to do so suffer the most.Celebrating life depends on how one is trained to survive and what perspective one develops in the course of his or her life. Any deviation from the universal celebration leads to total failure coupled with miseries and suffering.

They themselves are the buyers of their sorrows; God does come to bestow it. He has bestowed the whole world to celebrate life with sufficient time and space. And if they suffer, it is the inefficiency of the men and women and not the failure or wrath of God, the supreme power. So my friends, ‘learn how to celebrate life or perish’.The question arises how to do so.

Friends, first of all you must know what is ‘celebration’, only then, you can learn ‘how to celebrate’. Celebration means happiness at home and outside home i.e. everywhere, happiness at heart and happiness at hearth; happiness in family and happiness in neighbors. And happiness means peace at mind, satiation of wishes and harmony with others. Can you buy them in the open market?

Of course, you can by food and luxury from the market but not the satisfaction; you can buy whole house but not home. But then, where from comes satisfaction, home and pleasure. You can get it through Gyan i.e. knowledge- the talent. It may be knowledge of art or science but knowledge is must to have a handshake with happiness. But knowledge also brings suffering. How come so they are the source of both the happiness and suffering? Is not it contradictory?

This is what is the talk of the paper today, i.e. how to derive happiness through knowledge; and how to transform pain into pleasure. It is also imperative to know what knowledge is after all. It is nothing but learning the fact that the life is drama and just play. Act your assigned role. Do not hesitate performing it. Your role may be of a rickshaw puller or of a cobbler or of teacher or of a spiritual leader, just perform the duty assigned. What is your role is another complex problem to investigate. To know it you must listen to your heart.

Can heart speak? Does mind speak? Who speaks? It is you who speaks in connivance with heart and the brain. You can not speak alone. You speak only because your brain has been trained by the exposure and fed by blood pumped through the heart. Yes you listen to the heart. It will speak to you and you must follow whatever it says. Do not worry what the world says about it. Well, the same heart will also stop you from doing something immoral and illegal since it has also been trained for that. This issue also is easily solved when you stick to the law of the land you reside in and adhere to ethics of the society you belong to.

This is what happens in socialization. You are the product of the process and you are not what you wanted to be but what the society wanted you to be. So whatever you are, hear the voice of the heart and act. Do not be afraid to perform for which you have been trained but to seek happiness. Can there be any happiness without peace in the surrounding? No, so learn how to help establish peace around you. Follow what can establish peace at home and outside. It will bestow you the pleasure in abundance.

Friends, happiness is the result of the total harmony between heart and mind, which forms a soul, which is impossible to be bound in the frame of time, space, direction and motion ultimately. Do you have a soul yet formed with you? Come He will anoint you with a soul!

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