Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happiness Within!

It is so nice hearing from you in this spirit. I would further this discussion through writing even more. But before I begin, I would like first of all to establish certain preliminaries having nothing to do in person. I would reply to these questions in the same spirit even if you are a complete stranger. However, since I have known you only for some time, it would make more sense to me and you both that we understand what as individuals, leaving aside our personal or social network in terms of friendship or relationship by birth or marriage, ought to get from our lives. It may necessarily vary from person to person for their personal location on time line and in space, but one thing is very much sure every soul in this world undergoes these experiences and tries to find the best for their happiness, which is obviously a relative and subjective term, though, of course, it is a state of mind.

The multi-dollar question for every one is: what helps one attain this state of mind? And why does not every being (particularly human beings) attain this state of mind, if it is that relative and subjective? What forces an individual to stop attain this state of mind? And there are other related queries and questions to be answered. Now that the larger questions are clear to me, I might address them properly from my point of view and also reflect on how come I gathered courage to understand happiness, if at all, I have come across ETERNAL BLISS in this physical world or the mental world. Also who am I to question an individual's happiness (such that of yours) and in what spirit, if at all I do so, I would do it. Now listen carefully:

Primarily, please do not take this issue as personal first and then, don't take it to the matter of personal ego. Secondly, you must trust this unknown soul in its entirety, inasmuch as I am not doing it for any personal reasons but for a common cause from this point onwards. If it were so personal and friendly alone, I would not have bothered talking this much because this is quite sensitive issue and I have no right to talk in this spirit about any person or group in any capacity so far he or she is not a matter of public debate.

In sum and substance, I do not have any right to negatively critique any person (or group) about his or her personal take of the life and its varied aspects. Finally, I am doing so as to lift you up from where you are and the kind of pain you are either scared of or you are undergoing. I am not talking because I am a friendly or otherwise but I am talking because I am not a single soul to undergo such a pain if there is any, which I observed in you (once again I apologize for saying so, otherwise I do not have any right to say so). But now that I made things clear, I would start speaking in the light of questions posed earlier. Before I come back to the questions raised by me in the earlier paragraph, I would like to answer your questions:How can you [Vishwajeet, I would refer to me as him henceforth] know [An INDIVIDUAL] so much in such a short time? First of all, what is knowing a person i.e. when he says. "I know you"; what it is that he knows about a person.

So what is this knowledge that he claims to have about An INDIVIDUAL and how much reliable his knowledge is there about him/her. In other words, what makes a human being an individual - distinct from not only from other animals; but unique in all senses from all other members of the same species and of the other member of a community in this world of 21st century. It also involves questions about personal beliefs, non-beliefs, fear/s, his or her location on the time line and in the space. What makes these things in a person? Does a social set up i.e. socialization or education or exposure to / interaction with the wider variety of communities thriving in all quarters of the world or individual's short or long term goals or all of them make one an individual? He is sure that An INDIVIDUAL would agree with him that it is every ounce of time and interaction with this world, may be, with a person or object or an event contributes significantly in making intellect of a man or a woman.

And finally, an individual (confined to human world only at this stage) does not have only sense of 'individual being' but also a 'social being'. This also suggests that knowing of a person does not involve knowing him or her in person within but also knowing of his or outer layering i.e. outer world in which he or she operates, beyond them all, he or she develops various skills to fight the odds of life, past, present and future and all. Thus, knowing a person would involve knowing him or her at all these levels. These things aside, he or she does not only become knowable but develops a keen sense of knowing others i.e. if occasion arises, he or she would be able to apply his or her knowledge to know others as and when need arises and as he or she interacts with. This happens so fast and instantly and spontaneously in a trained mind that he or she does not, at times, need to read or observe others for longer times. It is something like reading an article. Suppose An INDIVIDUAL has read fifty articles based on Second Language Acquisition. If s/he took 15 minutes per page in reading beginning articles, s/he will obviously not take more than 4-5 minutes to read the last few articles in the lot of 50. Her comprehension skills has built up so strong in the long run that s/he can read and understand it without any efforts.

Same thing happens in reading people too. Meeting people is nothing but reading a mind, though in various forms, since things are not printed in black and white, it is really little difficult but through constant practice and consistency, it is possible to read them in one go and dig into someone's mind as deep as to overwhelm people. Though it has never been his intention, it happens naturally with these people. This is how a common man or woman rises from the ground to in various terms and impress people in very many ways. For those, who have become mass-movers or group (as larger as world) leaders, only because of their being quick in grasping things with its spirits and applying them in the same spirit for future operations, it is so simple.

He claims to know An INDIVIDUAL in such a great detail that he might tell things in present and future. Though s/he might not believe it or feel reluctant to do so, not because s/he is not what s/he is, but because this mystery of an individual (what he or she is what makes him or her, what he or she is) is what gives him or her an upper hand and makes him or her distinct, thus, impressing others. S/he would be reluctant to accept only because s/he would not like this mystery to be unfolded. Because once this mystery of individuality is unfolded, he or she becomes a follower of the person who unfolds it directly or indirectly; intentionally or unintentionally. And human mind at large is so reluctant to accept this, because there lays individuality. He appreciates this approach for encouraging uniqueness and moving and living life. Otherwise, settling with other's ideas would always bring nothing but stillness and stillness is nothing but death. It is not any good time to settle with it. So, whether An INDIVIDUAL believes it and follows him or not, but for sure he understands him/her; and since he does so, he wants to draw his/her attention towards her/himself; and the weaknesses that he sees in him/her through his/her such personal interactions. He/she is voicing out his/her soulful concerns, perhaps, he/she overlooked it personally for lack of time or attention or training at one or the other level.

Therefore, with this knowledge being a stranger having nothing to do with An INDIVIDUAL, he would say that the INDIVIDUAL is a wonderful person happy with his/her life and times. But as soon as he becomes your voice, inasmuch as he understands her or say, knows her, he would say that the INDIVIDUAL is little unhappy. But first of all, he and the INDIVIDUAL must agree on the definition of HAPPINESS and its DERIVATION. Let me reveal what he understands by the much reflected term HAPPINESS. It is nothing but a state of mind of an individual putting his or her whole being (physically, mentally, psychologically, biologically, etc) into such a mode that every aspect of that being is free of worries, weariness, tension, trauma, dullness, tiredness etc that he or she radiates with energy to extend this happiness (state of mind) to others through cheerful face, active body, looking for interaction and intercourse. It is involving so much so that he or she forgets every thing rest in this world and enjoys the pleasure of current moment. He or she lives into it. This HAPPINESS is generally derived through a balancing act between his or her personal INTELLIGENT, EMOTIVE, BODILY, SPIRITUAL BEING, SEXUAL BEING, COMMUNICATIVE BEING giving rise to a healthy body, mind and soul. And the level of these factors into one's being ( i.e. IQ, EQ, BQ, SQ, XQ, CQ etc) is different in different beings, but in a happy being has it all at a balance. Any lack of balance in it brings unhappiness in the being.

Thus, he or she is observed to be unhappy or happy. A satiation of these different beings in the same individual of his or her brings him or her close to the state questioning the purpose of his or her being and the experience of ENLIGHTENMENT. There he or she acts into the direction. And once he or she knows how to strike this balance and practices it into the same direction, he or she attains ETERNAL BLISS. When he or she dies, he or she liberates from the CYCLE OF BIRTH AND DEATH i.e. LIFE. The being with a unique set of beings and balance would never be replicated and be born again in this world. But attainment of this state of being is really very difficult and not every one gets even close to it. Those who do so get IMMORTALITY.

He wishes every being in this world attain this state of being. For sure, this state of mind or being is the outcome of interaction within and balancing act within. It does never come from outside. As soon as an individual tries to get it from outside, he or she develops a tendency to depend on the outside world in one or the other sense on one or the other object or being in this world. And this is a matter of striking harmony between the two. It is next to impossible, because every being or object is unique in this world and tries to retain his or her individual nature and (say, mystery) and there acts the forces against such an act of deriving happiness from outside and not from within.

He has come across similar experiences through interacting with individualsL. The Individuals in common tend to derive happiness not from within but from outside - relaxing and depending, when there is chance to act on their own; and then, extend happiness from within. (He can be quite objective and detailed in this aspect as well, if it is required). Still he is so positive and optimistic about the individual's growth that he looks forward in an INDIVIDUAL of a tremendous change from within and derive HAPPINESS from within first and extend it when occasion demands.

It is not for his sake or benefit or for his/her interaction with one individual but all except none. There is every potential in every being of this world to do so, what is required is of little interrogation and action into that direction coming out of the confinements of fear and suspicion, feelings of solitude and fertitude. "And An INDIVIDUAL has all the potential to do so," he believes so. A short comment, people generally make, "perhaps you have overpowered me". It is human nature to overpower others in one or the other form. One should know how to resist it and act to overpower others for zest of life. An INDIVIDUAL must take his/her time to overpower others. If s/he fails, it is not other's fault who empower or overpowers him/her but of a belief system. And this system must be corrected!


  1. Can we truely ever be an individual?

  2. It is difficult to be true individuals for always but for sometime for sure!